Push & Turn Vials Whole sale Price

Child-resistant vials feature push and turn cap closures discreet enough to store flowers or related medications. The plastic caps crowning these medicine bottles are intuitive for adults and secure against children. Available in amber, blue and green, customizable push-and-turn vials come in sizes 6, 8, 13, 16, 20, 30, 40 and 60 drams. Containers are ASTM and CSPC approved, and snap caps are included. A must for any respectable dispensary, these push down & turn cap lock in the freshness of your product while keeping it safe from tampering. Making optimal use of a simple yet reliable push & turn sealing method, these are the perfect medicine bottles for keeping herb easily available to adults but inaccessible to children. The black opaque high-quality plastic also offers a strong degree of discretion. Available in a variety of sizes, these medicine containers come with lids included.

Push & Turn Vials Whole sale Price

Ready to enhance child-resistant safety in your pharmaceutical packaging? Elevate your customer experience and set your products apart with Push & Turn Vials. Contact us now to explore wholesale prices and witness packaging that seamlessly combines child-resistant assurance with affordability. Excellence awaits – make it your choice today!

Child Resistant Prescription Vials - Push Down and Turn Vials Whole sale Price

Unlock Child-Resistant Excellence: Push & Turn Vials at Wholesale Prices! Pharmacists, Distributors, and Healthcare Providers, embrace the pinnacle of child-resistant packaging with our Push & Turn Vials, now available at compelling wholesale prices. Here's why this safety-focused solution stands out

Child Resistant Translucent Push & Turn Vials Whole sale Price

Effortless Accessibility for Adults: The Push & Turn mechanism strikes a perfect balance, providing easy access for adults while presenting a secure lock against the curiosity of children. Convenience and safety coexist seamlessly. 3. Versatile Storage for Pharmaceuticals: Tailored for various pharmaceutical products, these vials offer child-resistant storage for pills, capsules, and more. Versatility meets safety in a single, efficient packaging solution. 4. Reliable Medication Storage: Crafted with precision, Push & Turn Vials guarantee a dependable seal, minimizing the risk of contamination and preserving the integrity of medications. Safety is paramount without compromising accessibility. 5. Competitive Wholesale Prices: Elevate your child-resistant packaging strategy without stretching your budget. Benefit from our competitive wholesale prices on Push & Turn Vials, ensuring affordability alongside excellence.
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