Joint and Blunt Tubes (Doob Tubes) Whole sale Price

Joint and Blunt Tubes (Doob Tubes) from Brigade Packaging. Buy Child Resistant Pre Roll Tubes and Child Resistant Conical Joint Tubes. Joint tubes or blunt tubes or doob tubes are small containers that restrict the flow of odors from the tube while protecting a pre-rolled joint from bending or being damaged. With pre-rolls in such high-demand, we make it easy to order pre-roll tubes and blunt tubes at wholesale pricing. Several of our blunt tube models are also child-resistant for extra safety. ASTM approved the product. Stylishly store all your pre-rolled cigarettes with these high-end Glass Pre-Roll Tubes. This doob tube can easily accommodate pre-rolled cigarettes or pre-rolled joints of varying sizes. Conveniently store your cannabis products into these pre-roll tubes, knowing they will lock in the freshness of your product with their compatible child-resistant caps. They’re perfect for dispensaries looking to showcase their product or for those looking to present their finely rolled herbal cigarettes. What are you waiting for? Start your order with Marijuana Packaging today.    

Joint and Blunt Tubes (Doob Tubes) Whole sale Price

Discover our collection of wholesale Joint and Blunt Tubes, commonly known as Doob Tubes, meticulously designed to provide convenient and portable packaging solutions for your pre-rolled joints and blunts. Here's why our Doob Tubes are the perfect choice for your brand. Our Joint and Blunt Tubes feature a compact and portable design, perfect for safely storing and transporting pre-rolled joints and blunts on the go. Their pocket-sized convenience makes them ideal for customers who value discretion and convenience.

Buy Joint Tube Online Whole sale Price

Equipped with a secure cap, our Doob Tubes provide airtight and odor-resistant packaging, ensuring the freshness and integrity of your pre-rolled products while minimizing any scent leakage

Joint and Blunt Tubes | Doob Tubes | Pre-Roll Whole sale Price

Enjoy competitive wholesale prices on bulk orders, allowing you to maximize your budget while investing in practical and convenient packaging for your pre-rolled products. Elevate your pre-rolled product packaging with our wholesale Joint and Blunt Tubes. Contact us now to explore our range, request samples, and place your order.
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