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Glass Pre-Roll Tubes Whole sale Price

Our glass tubes provide a high-quality eco-friendly and practical solution to housing your pre-rolls. We offer a 120mm glass tube with cork in both standard width and with a wide mouth option. The standard width glass tube has an opening diameter of 15.8mm and the wide mouth tube has an opening diameter of 17.7mm. If you need child-resistant pre-roll packaging we also offer a 110mm glass tube that is certified child-resistant! The 110mm CR Glass Tube uses a push and turn cap – to open the tube all you have to do is push down on the cap and turn to open. Reach out for any questions on design and pricing.

Glass Pre-Roll Tubes Whole sale Price

Discover our collection of wholesale Glass Pre-Roll Tubes, meticulously crafted to provide premium packaging solutions for your pre-rolled joints. Here's why our Glass Pre-Roll Tubes are the perfect choice for your brand. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, our Pre-Roll Tubes offer superior durability, clarity, and elegance, ensuring that your pre-rolled joints are beautifully showcased and preserved.

Glass Pre-Roll Packaging Tubes

Our Glass Pre-Roll Tubes provide a protective and secure enclosure for your pre-rolled joints, keeping them safe from breakage, moisture, and external contaminants during storage and transportation.

Wholesale Pre-Roll Joint Tubes in Bulk

Unlike disposable packaging options, our Glass Pre-Roll Tubes are reusable and eco-friendly, allowing your customers to enjoy their pre-rolled joints while minimizing waste and environmental impact.
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